Monday, January 25, 2010

Its time to say farewell to my qx6800

this is my 1st post so there is not much going on lately. except for my computer,hehe,
after 1 year of using the core 2 extreme qx6800 quadcore processor, i have move to a new processor, the core 2 extreme qx9650... here is the last screencap of my old still not finish with the upgrades, so i'll post the new cpu picture after i have received it, yea i know u might say that, "what the hell dude, its 2010, the age of core i7". well im using my computers mostly to play games and watch movies and games and listening to mp3s and games,well u get the idea..hehehe.and also im not making much money to get all the bleeding edge of technology, hey, better late than never..hehe, to much typing, hand hurts, must go gaming,lol..see ya dude!

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